Age of Empires IV


SIDE had to be a part of helping Relic Entertainment continue the legendary series, and with them we scoured the globe to recreate eight ancient dialects authentic to the game’s civilisations.

This meant setting up temporary studios in the relevant locales, finding pockets of actors who could replicate the sounds of dead languages, and pronunciation guides in the booth to make sure all dialogue sounded as close as possible to when it was originally spoken.

"The music and sound design are great across the board. Voice lines for each unit were recorded in the native languages of their historical cultures, including some that are no longer natively spoken.

The English units, for example, speak mostly incomprehensible Old English in the first age, which gradually evolves through Middle English and eventually arrives at the Early Modern English of Shakespeare's time. This was a really nice touch, and none of it sounds overly stereotypical or cartoonish."

Relic Entertainment, World's Edge

Xbox Game Studios

English, Ancient English, Ancient French, Ancient German, Ancient Mongolian, Ancient Persian, Ancient Mandarin

Dialogue Editorial