Voice Production

We have the expertise, resources and facilities to deliver engaging character performances for audiences of every genre. Our casting teams bring exciting new talent and established high profile actors to interactive projects. And with a roster of the industry’s leading performance directors and production teams to oversee the entire process, SIDE has you covered.

Recording, Editorial, Mixing

State of the art audio facilities in London, Los Angeles and Shanghai, ensure productive and creative sessions during voice recordings, facial capture, and mixing. SIDE has developed unique tools covering all areas of asset management, editorial, mastering and QA, resulting in successful delivery of hundreds of thousands of files, across multiple languages, year on year.


With production hubs in London, Shanghai and Los Angeles, and an established network of recording studios across Europe, Asia and Latin America; SIDE provides a reactive and scalable localisation solution in over 30 languages. We ensure your projects maintain their reputation across an expanding global audience, no matter how complex or ambitious the original production.

Performance Capture

We are specialists at casting for performance capture and our production teams take care of talent management during scanning sessions, rehearsals and shoots. SIDE’s audio team record “production ready” dialogue from the Mocap stage and seamlessly match with in-studio recordings.