The Invincible


Starward’s writing of the main characters, in particular, is worthy of a lot of praise. Inhabiting Yasna is a delight, as she is one of the most charming protagonists this year, with her dialogue bringing a sense of wonder and exploration to the narrative that really sold her as a happy-go-lucky biologist who maybe should have rethought going on this mission. However, players can also turn her into a more cynical and selfish character depending on their dialogue choices. Meanwhile, Novik acts as a good counterweight to Yasna, as he frequently questions her motivations and observations while trying to decipher what is going on in Regis III alongside her. There is a lot of decision-making that goes into how players want these two to interact and grow as the narrative develops, but regardless of what players choose, these sequences always felt natural and real thanks to some smart writing.

- Gamerant

The voice acting of both Yasna and the Astrogator are great and their back and forth between Yasna’s witty sarcasm and the Astrogator’s straight but caring demeanour are superb.

- Finger Guns

...and the voice acting work is actually superb.

- Well Played

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