Shadow Warrior 3


“The voice actors perform strongly with their dialogue”
-Noisy Pixel

“The audio is also fantastic. You'll hear every quip from Lo Wang and Hoji, and every sound effect and sword clang, even if a suicide demon is screaming towards you at breakneck speed. This is clearly a character that has seen a lot, and he's totally unfazed by anything life throws at him. The game is also very aware of itself, and Lo Wang pokes a lot of fun at the storyline. "Magical objects never do what's on the label". His quips are comparable to a certain comic book character I love dearly (his name has been redacted to not draw the ire of comic book fans, but is rhymes with "Mider-Span"). Every enemy sound, every bullet, is perfectly expressed. Even when you trigger an environmental trap to kill the biggest demons, you hear it all, and it's all balanced.
-Gaming Nexus

Flying Wild Hog

Devolver Digital


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