'Dialogue in Haven is presented by excellent voice actors, who do a marvelous job in their respective roles. These scenes make up a huge part of Haven’s experience. The cast is limited so a lot of the narrative weight rested on their shoulders. I found the main characters immensely likable and well written. Dialogue switches from the silly and mundane to more serious at the drop of a hat. Each emotional exploration felt earned and natural in its progression.
- Noisy Pixel

Both Yu and Kay ooze charm and you’ll fall just as much in love with them as they are with each other. Yu isn’t shy about how she feels and she voices it. Kay is a bit more soft spoken, but when he starts talking about his hobbies you can hardly get him to stop. They both have their own quirks, but are incredibly well-written and brilliantly voice acted.
- GameSpew

The voice acting is also impressive. Both actors pull off a great job and really bring Kay and Yu to life with their performance.
- Playstation Universe

The Game Bakers

The Game Bakers


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