As Dusk Falls


“The other thing you’ll notice straight away is the extraordinarily high quality of the voice acting and writing. In a game that revolves around player choice, you can get the characters to do some pretty weird and dangerous stuff, and it’s a testament to both the script and actors that every single choice you make seems natural for the protagonists involved; quite a feat given the size and complexity of the story.”
- Metro

“By way of incredible voice acting, a compelling and expertly written script, and a bounty of pause-worthy choices along the game's elaborate branching paths, it establishes itself as an instant classic in the narrative adventure genre.”
- Gamespot

“The voice acting is several steps above competent, featuring familiar names like Deus Ex’s Elias Toufexis and Returnal’s Jane Perry, just to name a few, and each character is played with believable conviction. For a game with this much melodrama, very little of it is played awkwardly, and that’s a huge positive.”

“It would take a lot of time for you to go back in and find out what might have happened if you’d acted differently, but with the calibre of the writing and superb voice-acting, it never felt like a chore to do so.”
- God is a Geek


Xbox Game Studios


Dialogue Editorial