Supermassive New Title at SIDE

January 2019


As fans eagerly await the release of Supermassive Games' new IP, Man of Medan, they were treated to the surprise release of Shattered State, a new VR title exclusively released on Google's Daydream platform and available to anyone with a compatible Android phone.

Touted as a political thriller and designed for the 'Netflix Crowd', Shattered State is a bite-sized experience with a full playthrough lasting roughly 45 mins to an hour. As with previous Supermassive titles, players are presented with a number of narrative-altering decisions, allowing for multiple endings and replayability.

Whilst this isn't the studio's first foray into the VR realm, it is the first time Supermassive has developed for the mobile audience. Steve Goss, Director of Design and Technology at Supermassive Games told VRFocus, “We’ve worked with very high-end platforms, very popular platforms, like Sony’s VR platform, and doing something on a mobile VR platform is a big challenge. Bringing our production values into that space; that’s been something we wanted to try and do.”

Helping the studio to make this become a reality, SIDE are incredibly proud to have provided casting, direction, facial capture, recording and ensemble recording services for the game. With early opinions praising the game, drawing comparisons with popular TV shows such as 24, we're excited for players to jump into this experience.