SIDE partner with veteran performance capture provider The Imaginarium Studios

June 2021



SIDE are thrilled to announce our partnership with The Imaginarium Studios, bringing world-class audio and motion capture together as a full pipeline service.

Looking ahead, we’ll be able to help development teams across the world take their characters from casting through to full performance capture and post-production, all as a single process.

When we first spoke to The Imaginarium Studios, we quickly discovered how aligned we are in our vision for crafting great performances. Bringing game characters to life calls for creative control across the board, so our joint full service will provide communication and visibility for developers at all stages, avoiding disruptions or handovers where crucial details could be lost. Fidelity is paramount, and with IMS using Unreal Engine to provide real-time motion reference on their acoustically treated stage, they’re the perfect partner for SIDE’s team of game audio veterans.

We couldn’t be prouder to be joining forces with a team who have built such an impeccable reputation for performance capture excellence over the past nine years. Watching some of The Imaginarium Studios’ latest work, like the bombastic launch trailer for Apex Legends Season 8, you can see why we’re so excited.

We can’t wait to share further updates on this partnership in the coming months.