Oculus Quest - The Future Of VR

October 2018


The recently announced Oculus Quest is set to launch in Spring 2019 and aims to bring affordable VR to the masses without the need for a dedicated high-end gaming PC. With the headset providing everything needed to enjoy VR, the Oculus Quest is completely wireless and features Guardian – the impressive boundary detection technology which helps to prevent users bumping into walls and furniture.

Better yet, Oculus has promised more than 50 titles at launch including Polyarc’s critically acclaimed Moss which SIDE had the pleasure of being involved with. Having provided Casting, Directing, Studio Recording and Dialogue Editorial for the English version, SIDE also helped bring Moss to many other territories with VO in German, French, Japanese, Mandarin & Cantonese.

As anyone who has experienced VR will know, the importance of sound is vital to the success of immersion within virtual reality. With SIDE’s extensive expertise in capturing and producing market-leading voice performances for video games, we are privileged to have helped bring a number of VR titles to life, with more releases due in the next few months.

Furthermore, with VR growing in popularity year on year and the introduction of the affordable and accessible Oculus Quest, SIDE is excited that even more people will have the opportunity to enjoy Moss.