Improved Facial Capture in London and LA

November 2020


With facial capture becoming more and more common during VO production, both SIDE UK and SIDE LA have upgraded their facial capture pipeline. With the new systems, both head-mounted camera (HMC) and reference camera footage can be captured simultaneously.

Clients have a choice in resolutions and frame rates, making our kits suitable regardless of who will be handling the video afterwards.

We can send the HMC and reference footage through Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom, as a video feed during the session, keeping a remote director or client in the loop, in real time.

More comfortable headsets and larger studios designed and ready for use with video mean even better performances being captured. When COVID restrictions allow, we also have the option to record multiple talent simultaneously, both with HMC and ref cam.

Check out our new and improved kit and get a sneak peek of our new London studios in the video.