Catching Up With SIDE LA

September 2017




SIDE LA is coming up to its 6-month anniversary, so we thought it was a great time to catch up with the team and find out how much fun our SIDE brothers and sisters are having in sunny California. We tasked SIDE LA’s very own Christian Maestas, Facility and Production Assistant, to get the ‘inside’ scoop on all things SIDE LA. He sat down with Jacquie Shriver, Head of Studio, and Todd King, Business Development Manager, to ask them a few questions.

First things first, what was the biggest challenge in opening a new studio?
JS: The biggest challenge was getting construction finished! It seemed as though there was always another small bit of polish, or paint touch-up or calibration. We really wanted to get things right, so we kept going back to make sure it was perfect.

And what was the biggest reward?
TK: For me personally, the biggest reward was the SIDE LA launch party! On that evening, I remember feeling a strong sense of accomplishment, pride and excitement for SIDE LA’s future success.
JS: The biggest reward of opening up a new studio is having the opportunity to show new clients what we do, how we do it, and how passionate we are about providing top-tier service.

Has anything in the past 3 months impacted you in a positive way regarding how Side and Pole To Win do business?
TK: It is the importance SIDE/PTW place on the ‘Team’. I know it sounds cliché, but the SIDE UK and PTW leadership have assembled an absolutely amazing team here at SIDE LA. The team is more than just a group of highly skilled individuals running a studio from day to day. Each member is passionate about their craft and are always willing to learn, teach and grow in any way necessary to ensure that we provide the very best results for the clients.

Any exciting developments or progress the Studio has overcome since the opening in March?
JS: There’s always so much we can’t talk about, but yes, we’ve had some exciting projects in, and some new clients to collaborate with. We have a full schedule this summer, doing everything from IVR to HMC.

Looking forward, what hopes and dreams do you have for the studio?
JS: I hope to provide a service that is up to speed with the projects our clients are creating. I hope to continue to collaborate and find ways to tell stories alongside game developers of all sizes. I would love to have a bustling studio, full of actors and clients and all the insanity that comes along with that. TK: Hopes and dreams…that’s simple! I want to help the SIDE/PTWI brand to grow into the leading audio services provider in the US for games and non-game audio technology applications."