Black and South Asian Mentees

April 2021


As an organization, SIDE is dedicated to promoting diversity in voice production and casting. Naturally we were delighted to support award-winning voice actor and SIDE regular Alix Wilton Regan in her Black and South Asian Mentee initiative.

Alix mentored five established actors who hadn’t done voiceover before, working with them for six months, assisting them in putting together voice reels and getting ready for voicework. SIDE then welcomed them into the recording booth to help the mentees gain a better understanding of the particular requirements of this type of performance. They were supported by two of SIDE’s senior performance directors Justin Villiers and Damien Goodwin, Casting Director Martin Vaughan, and Head of Production Sini Downing.

The mentees taking part in this one-off program were Safiyya Ingar, Lauren Santana, Amelia Parillon, Dani Moseley and Nicole Sawyerr. We look forward to seeing them back in the booth creating amazing character performances in games.