An Honour is Cast for Side

December 2019


We’re pleased to celebrate our very own Casting Director, Martin Vaughan’s acceptance into the Casting Directors’ Guild (CDG); a first in the Video Game industry.

After more than 13 years’ casting for SIDE, Martin’s recognition as a member of the CDG is a testament to both his dedication to the casting practice and his contribution to the games industry.

Martin has contributed to over 75 titles throughout his career, casting actors to create stellar character performances for franchises such as The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield, Final Fantasy, Hitman and many, many more. And he couldn’t be happier about his acceptance:

"I’m really excited to be accepted into the Casting Director’s Guild. The work of their members has inspired me for many years so it’s an honour to join them, learn from them and share the experience I’ve gained so far in my career. It’s a great acknowledgement for video games and its continued growth as an art form."

What’s the CDG? The Guild is a professional organisation of Casting Directors in film, television, theatre and commercials across the UK and Ireland who have joined together to further their common interests in establishing a recognised standard of professionalism in the industry, enhancing the stature of the profession, providing a free exchange of information and ideas, honouring the achievements of members and standardising work practices within the industry. For more on the CDG, visit: